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Need Help in GIG ( 650+ reviews)


Hope so doing well. Please preview my Gig if you found any fault then kindly please tell me because 5 days ago No one order receives.
Here my Vector Tracing Gig or


Any Expert please!! Really worried now at this time.

Really Need Help PLEASE!!!

You delivered an order 6 hours ago. What are you complaining about.

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Repeat Client!!! And that order on revision from 1 to 2 days

complete the revision at your latest convenience

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But Client said 'I will confirm on Monday when my BOSS say OKAY"

Alright its not your fault!

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My Gig is disappear when promoting option off. One month ago, I am very worried about it

you are part of gig rotation and it is happening with most of the people. I faced it thrice, but dont worry keep up the good work it will be back

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Thanks for your Kind Words

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