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Need help in my order pleasee

I am facing a problem. . I have work with my client on fiverr. And the order was completely good. But the buyer was new and he cancels the order by mistake. and now he wants to pay me. So give me a solution. How can he pay me easily? or I will send him a new offer? any solution

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He can only place new order, you redeliver your work on that new order and he should mark it as complete.


Ask him to place a new order

Bro, Bad Luck. You accept new order from him and contact fiverr customer support.

Mariashtelle1. He was told me that there was a problem with my PayPal account. After 2 days he tells me everything is ok, now and he tells me (i will contact Fiverr and fiverr will pay for). And he is saying he did not receive the payment after cancelation the order. (It’s he is saying that i have not received after the cancel. and he said he gives the money to the Fiverr, so contact Fiverr for your money)

Scam alert scam alert.

The only way he can pay you through Fiverr is by making an order and accepting that order when it’s done.

You should know this. Read the ToS.

It’s so obvious that this is a scam. I’m concerned that you are oblivious to that.