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Need Help in Order free Sample

Hi everyone hopes everyone is fine.
I need quick help. I recently working with a buyer who has actually 2 accounts
1 is from the country but he is asking to deliver all work to some other person in another country.
Now Issue is :
Order is placed by someone else and he wants to send directly all work to someone else in the conversation.
Is it allowed in Fiverr or is it not against fiverr TOS ??



It’s against TOS to have 2 accounts.

i don’t have 2 accounts i am seller.
there is buyer who is placing order from other account
and want me to send work to some other account he has in conversation

My question is is it allowed to send work in conversation freely

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It should be sent in the order conversation. Nowhere else. The buyer is not permitted to have 2 accounts. If you suspect this, report it too CS.

he is asking that he its not his account its his team member account
he said
"I will place order you can send all work and take feedback from ----- "
i am delivering work on order page also and sending all work to person he said
is it fine or i need to take permission from CS?

You cannot communicate outside of Fiverr, you need to send all work in the order as it is proof to CS that if something were to go wrong of your work. It’s for your own protection. If that person is so insistent ask them to send the work themselves to their team leader. Your contract is with them, not the team leader.

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thanks a lot for the help i got it.

both accounts owner and his team member both are on fiverr they are not asking me to go outside fiverr.

Your contract is with the original account that ordered, not this other person.

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what should i write to him to explain this
let me know it would be bigger help :slight_smile:

I can not believe you survived this long to provide your help explaining the same thing repeatedly


This emoji comes to mind, for sure. :man_facepalming:


I will be thanks for you help

no worries @wolfhowler

Annoyed on the inside, calm on the outside :tipping_hand_woman:

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@mariayasir this happens to me first time that’s why i am little confused about this issue

Nah that wouldn’t help, you would still ask others for more help just like you did now. @wolfhowler has already solved and resolved your issue

I understand your situation, but this wouldn’t have occured if you read the terms of service at the first place.

According to CS - there’s a thread about it somewhere - all orders must be delivered to the account that ordered them. That’s what the delivery button is for.

OP, tell your client that what they’re asking for is impossible for you to do, but that they can download everything and forward it all to the other “team member” themselves.

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What he is asking you to do is not allowed. He can deliver them himself to whoever he wants.