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Need help in ranking my Gig

Can anyone here tell me that how can I rank my gig and get more order? I have 3 gigs.


Try to use search button. These questions are asked on a daily basis by a lot of people and are being answered. You will find lots of information there! Make some effort :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I will use it.

Try to get a job by using buyer requests and pour your soul into them to get a 5 star review and then you get ranked a lot higher. Also use keywords in your title. A way I have seen to get these keywords is to search something related to you gig and whatever some of the suggestions say could be keywords that you could put in you title and description etc. I hope that helped.

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Share gig on social Media and Send daily buyer request

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Thanks, I have sent a lot of buyer requests, Can you guide me about the buyer request.

Honestly I don’t really know how to send a great buyer request I would search it on the forum or look on YouTube but don’t copy and paste a response because I find that can be tacky if someone sends multiple requests and gets the same response word to from the same account.

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You can follow this article

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Try stay active. try to send 10 buyer request regular. share your gig on social media. :+1: :+1:


Be active and send buyer request daily and use low competition keyboard for your gig optimization