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Need help in the strange issue


Please help me if someone can.
1 day ago I got order for youtube channel growth in which I gave buyer some valuable tips. But he rejected the order. While I was about to contact him, I saw he gave me 1 star review. I saw in orders tab that I still have “Deliver now” button. Me and buyer agreed on some extra service in order to correct the review. After I gave him extra services, he changed the review. But I am still seeing the 1 star review from him and order is still not showing as completed. I can still see “Deliver Now” option. I don’t know whether it is bug or not. Please help me.


You should contact Customer Support in order to solve this :slight_smile:


This is very confusing,

Did you deliver the work through the delivery button?


Yes I actually delivered this 3 times. I can still deliver it. I have
completed over 50 orders and first time this is happening. It’s so strange.


Hmm. Yeah I suggest going to CS


There are others on the forum complaining about similar issues, and it definitely looks like a bug. Contact Customer Support and ask them for help (also, let them know about the bug).