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Need Help 😇

I need somebody help. Now i need edit my gig, But 1 order queue in this gig. If i edit my gig then have i face any problem in this gig?


Which gig you want to edit and what exactly you want to edit in that gig?

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My facebook business page gig. I need to change gig pricing description and price.

then complete the order and then make changes…

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Complete means, when my buyer give me review then, or when my order delivered then.

Bro, are you really want to make a better profile in Fiverr?
@joyanto52 look at the picture, what just you wrote.
I’m sure of it, people will not ever come to you again if you change their Gender in a single comment.
Excuse all of us and improve you language.
good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your Suggestion. I am new comer in fiverr. I will try it next time.

This is not a newcomers work. I’m also a new comer.
Don’t use “Him” to “her” or “Her” to him again :wink:
Your better visit this page…

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I would suggest you try and improve on your English grammar first, it may ping you down. Regarding editng your gig, complete the order already in queue prior to editing the gig. All the best

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Thanks, now i see it.

Thanks for your suggestion.