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Need help making sure my new gig is clear about what I deliver

Thank you all for taking a look :slight_smile:

If possible, I would mark your gig for within three days delivery for more exposure. If you do comparison with competitors, it appears the only active person that has gotten orders on that has a delivery time in two days. So 2 to 3 days would be a good ball-park figure. If you can temporarily deliver them in 24 hours just to be the only one in the category doing this it will help to build up feedback, that can help too. Just search “Unity Script” to get a better idea of what people appear to be looking for keywords wise. Seems game assets, debug, editing, etc.

Only one has a video, so adding a video can help too. This way if you offer temporarily within 24 hours with a video, and using similar keywords you should start getting some sales at least. It doesn’t seem to be an extremely live market, but there are people with recent orders from it so there is a market.

K I just made my gig delivery time within 24 hours until I start getting overwhelmed with offers lol. Thank you for the advice. :smiley:

Searching “unity script”, you’re the only one offering it for $5 in 24 hours, so if people are searching in that way, you’ll probably be the first they look at, so good-luck! Let me know how it goes, I have no idea at all about that market.

Went good 3 days ago I got my first order on it and I delivered within just a couple of hours. They have yet to accept the order yet which has me worried but it should auto accept here today :).

Yeah, hopefully they leave feedback too which is usually why most people are so hesitant on ordering gigs. I had a service that until I got my first feedback, no-one really touched it(For almost a two month time-frame.). Now I get orders on it almost every other day it seems.

Yeah it got auto accepted so we shall see if they leave feedback. :slight_smile:

Haha no feedback at all :confused:

Well hey, an order is an order. Perhaps try running a Youtube vid campaign by getting someone on Fiverr to make a super exciting potential viral video summing up your services and link back here. That may work. I think the issue may be there just isn’t a whole tremendous amount of people looking for the service so you may have to find people elsewhere to bring in Fiverr to buy the services.

I got another order and they gave me a good review :). I think I am 1 sell away from becoming level 1 :smiley:

Woo, progress! It’s fun being a higher level than the basic one. I remember how much of a pain and how limiting that was.

Yeah just one more and I will have it! lol

I keep thinking that about TRS status. Just one more and i’ll have it, but no dice. One day… one day! haha