Need help modifying gig posts


Hi. I’ve tried to upload several gig posts. However, each time I try to upload one Fiverr wants me to modify the photo. The message is I need a photo with a better resolution. My camera is a 20 megapixel Canon and all of my pics have been posted at 300 dpi and rejected. I have tried 72 dpi and been rejected, 100 dpi and been rejected, 150 dpi and been rejected, 175 , 200, 225, 250 , and 275 were rejected as well. Whenever I try to upload anything above 300 dpi Fiverr says the file is too big. I tried uploading pics with the dimensions they say they want, only to get the resolution rejection response, I have only managed to get 3 gigs to upload, the pics on those were the exact same resolution and size as the ones I uploaded that keep getting rejected. Some advice would be appreciated please. Thank you.


since the new fiverr, I have been having the same problem. I actually had one of my popular gigs deleted by fiverr when I was not able to figure out how to upload a new picture. The picture on there had been there for over two years, I had many positive comments with a 100% rating.

I had to make a new gig and ran into the same type of rejection on graphics. I finally gave up on graphics and thought I’d try to make a video. Lo and behold my little video was approved and that gig went live. Maybe you could try the video thing too.


Unfortunately, I don’t have any way to do videos because I don’t own a video camera and my cell phone doesn’t record video either.


There are places online where you can make a video, it is easy to make one, here is one:


Thanks for the link.