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Need Help My Dear Fiverians

Guyz seriously i dont know why am not getting order its been more than 2 weeks no single order guyz help is my gigs are not beautiful or eye catching???

Just from having a quick glance at your gigs, you may want to go and really thoroughly check the spelling on all of your portfolio images.

Just as an example, on your " I Will Provide You Premium And Luxury Logo Designs" gig…

You use the word ‘Saloon’ instead of ‘Salon’ for your hair salon logo. A Salon is where you go to get your hair cut. A Saloon is where cowboys go to get drunk!

And your next image along says “William New Oxford Streer Resturant” - If you’re unsure of the spelling mistakes there, use an online spellcheck and you’ll see the issues.

This could be contributing to your lack of sales. If I wanted a logo designing and saw spelling mistakes on someone’s portfolio, I’d move on to the next seller.

Hope that helps.


To add to the above reply, you’ll also want to check your grammar or get a native English speaker to do that for you.

In one of your gig titles, it says “a amazing.” In English, when “a” is followed by another vowel sound, you would normally turn it into “an.”

“Would you like an apple?”

“We need an English teacher.”

“Where can I find an orangutan?”

And so on.

These mistakes make it appear as though you aren’t a fluent English speaker and that’s fine, but since communication is an important aspect of the ordering process, it would do you well to make sure your profile is as correct as possible.


thanku SO much My dear Fellow

THanks so much my Friend