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Need Help - My Friend Account is Blocked

There is a problem with my friend. He told me that he has 65 reviews with $9000 earning. Two days ago, He just request to buyer phone # so that he can explain in more detail about what he has done. But in the morning he see that his account is blocked

Any Body can help


Your friend broke the rules of Fiverr (which are clearly listed on the Terms of Service page). Fiverr blocked your friend’s account as a result. Sellers are required to know and understand the rules here on Fiverr. Usually, when accounts are blocked, they are permanently blocked, and will not be reinstated.

You can certainly have “your friend” contact Fiverr and talk to them about the broken rule, but only Fiverr has the power to do anything with your friend’s blocked account.

We cannot help you with this, because we are not Fiverr Customer Support.


Ooh…!! really so sad. I thik her need contact in fiverr support. I hope he again back account.

really so sad :frowning: in this issue , fiverr support only can help him, may god bless him :slight_smile:

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need contact in fiverr support.

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actually your friend broke the rules of fiverr need contact in fiverr support.
hopefully account reactivate.

contact me fiver support for more help

Fiverr has many loyal friends, always ready to go to battle for the “friend”. :expressionless:


very sad. contact with support center