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Need help my gig are in the last page why?

A few months back I got an order the buyer requesting a lot of revision and the order starts running late. But we successfully complete the order with a positive rating. On the next day all my gigs suddenly disappear to the last page. I wait to pass 60 days time period but nothing happens. My profile is 100% positive not sure how to fix it the only way I’m getting the order through buyer request I have no choice to work more at a low price :frowning:



I really wish people would stop believing this silly myth.


No seller is entitled to orders and success, just because they have 100% positive metrics. Fiverr does not guarantee orders, or success here, and it is not their job to make sure you have customers. It is also extremely unwise to underprice yourself, because that removes you revenue, and provides no benefit to you, as a seller. Charge what you are worth, and find customers who agree with that price, and are willing to hire you to solve their project needs.

If you want to be successful, think like like a businessman. Think upwards, not down into the bottom of the barrel. Cheap prices will result in cheap customers. The goal is always to offer quality work, so find the quality buyers that need that work.

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This message literally change my mindset and give another hope of sucess thank you @jonbaas wish you many success god bless :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome.

To be honest, I think I’m already way past “many success”. But, I will assume you actually meant, “I wish you many MORE successes”, to which I will say, thank you. :wink:

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Best of luck for TRS mate cheers :grinning:

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