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Need help. My GIG is not showing after filtering Online!

Hi there! :blush:
I’m new on Fiverr and Yesterday I published my first Gigs. The problem is that I can’t see them after I filtering Online. What’s going on?
And also Impressions, clicks, views, orders are 0.

Thanks in advance for your answers.



Welcome to Fiverr! :blush:

It usually takes a few days for things to get started (and for your impressions, clicks, and views to start increasing) after publishing your gigs. Besides, no one really know the algorithm behind how gigs are listed on Fiverr. Was your gig showing in the search before you filtered for just the online gigs?

In any case, I’d suggest that you do not check for your gigs in Fiverr’s search from a browser in which you are logged into your Fiverr account. I think it would be better if you opened an incognito session in your browser to search for your gigs. I’ve noticed that it gives more consistent results.

Good luck! :sunny:


Thank you very much for your answer.
I tried to check it from an incognito session but I still can’t find my Gigs. I will wait and see what happens :thinking:


I have the same problem :confused:

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I am facing same problem

I am also facing this problem.