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Need HELP need HELP

recently my selling on fiverr is drooping i don’t know why. please somebody help me to find out hot to resolve this problem and give me some suggestion where where I need to share my gig and please take a look on my gig
[Shortened Link removed] and let me know if there any modification need on my gig.
Thank you all in advance.

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If you want to get noticed so people see your gig, be original, use interactive images and videos as most people have never seen them and they will make you really stand out from the crowd.

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thank your can you give me some ideas how to select gig keyword please

Your introduction could be a bit better. “I have 6 years experience of Photoshop image editing like remove background, masking, Clipping path, Neck Joint, Making Reflation etc. I can delivery you high quality work with the require time. Price is not matter for me, i believe in customer satisfaction”

English is not my first language so I am hoping someone else will pitch in here and help you with this. If not, consider purchasing a writing gig for your introduction and your gig description. Maybe try a different gig image (replace the horse image) and see if it will attract more buyers. Don’t sell yourself short, be proud of the work you do. You seem a little desperate - be confident! You are offering quality work ;). Best of luck!!!


I continue to promote out of my gigs. While not making a lot of sales. Promoting social media to make a piece of cake. I’m grateful for it

thank you. hope your instruction will help me

Are you promoting your gig? I have several gigs that can send your gigs real honest visitors. Traffic helps. We use twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to advertise gigs. It does help to get your gigs out to all the sources you can find.

I need help…new here

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If you want help you just need to create your own topic.