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Need Help NEW on Fiverr

I am a new seller ( on Fiverr. I created some gig on profile. Gigs have impressions and clicks but no views. Can anyone give any advice?

I wish overall cooperation.


If it’s showing you your views (it doesn’t for me) I’d assume they should be at least the same as the clicks (since a click on the gig image should go to the gig page to allow a view/load of it and views might also come from a search engine).

For the gigs you could make sure the gig images look the best when viewed from the profile/search results so they’re more likely to click them. And that the titles are the best.

Gig: I will do your data entry,web research as a virtual assistant
In the gig description:
“Web Scrapping” could be “Web Scraping”

The first 7 lines of your gig description are all in bold. That’s might be too much bold. Maybe with a blank line after “experience” it could make it easier to read.


Thank You Very much for give me advice.