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Need help. Nightmare client. Even worse Customer Support

Hello! I’ve had an issue with a client who directly ordered, despite stating to contact me in bold on my gig page. He wanted me to contact him off the platform, provided his phone & email, ordered a basic gig and wanted 3+ videos for that price, ordered a gig extra that he wasn’t sure he needed and wanted a partial refund for that if not used. He said he made a mistake as he’s new of Fiverr (which is false since he has multiple previous orders over 3 years). In between all this, he hasn’t even provided me proper details to begin the work/hasn’t written the script for which I’m also supposed to record a VO, uploaded over 50Gb and hours of footage when my basic gig only allows 15 minutes of footage. I do not want to work for this client at all, but when I go to the cancellation page, it says it’ll affect my stats. My question is why should I be penalized for such an unprofessional client? I have to deliver a video in 2 days without knowing what I’m supposed to do. I contacted support and got a copy pasted response which wasn’t even relevant to what I asked. They don’t even bother to read what you’ve written? This is what you get for the 20% you pay them? I don’t want to cancel and have it affect my stats. How in the wide world is this fair? I’ve had 80 orders with perfect stats, no cancellations/late deliveries. I have 0 wish to deal with this client. What do I do? Very frustrated and stressed about this right now.

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Send a new message to support and make sure you report the buyer for trying to conduct business outside of Fiverr in the message. That should get their attention and hopefully prompt a human response.


Thanks for responding! Funnily enough, the support ticket did mention this-" We are reviewing the buyer’s behavior with our Trust & Safety team. Due to our Privacy Policy, we won’t be able to share any details about the buyer or actions taken." and then proceeded with a copy-paste message with an irrelevant answer. Will creating another ticket create any problems? Also, the delivery is in 2 days, so if I start the ticket now, not sure if they’d respond in time? :confused:


I would send the message directly to instead of creating a new ticket. I seem to have better luck that way. If they haven’t responded in time for the order to go late, I would send a request for cancelation through the resolution center. Yes, it will affect your stats if you do this. BUT - if you go late and the buyer chooses to cancel because of this you’ll get both a canceled order AND a 1-star review, which hurts you twice.


I think you should be able to report on the client. His action of asking you to contact him off-platform is good enough reason to report on him (It is against Fiverr policy)… make sure all communication is done in the chat function.

Don’t be afraid to talk to the customer service, most of them are nice. I support 9 tickets last month (LOL), one of them even sent me a wrong text to pay for their utility bill! It was hilarious.

Nevertheless, cancel the order. Don’t go through the headache.


Support team doesn’t actually “support” buyers, I am with you on that!


Oh, wow. Wasn’t aware of that. Thank you for the insight. Greatly appreciated! This site is ridiculously unfavourable for sellers.


You’re not being penalized for anything , if you contact support explain the situation and ask them to cancel your order without your account being affected everything will be fine . If you don’t want to cancel you’ll be forced to do what the buyer asked .


Maybe they were hoping for a secret bribe and you just didn’t get the hint haha. Thanks for the insight! Just emailed support. Will wait a day to hear their response. Do you know what happens when a seller initiates a cancellation? Does it get auto cancelled or do I need to wait for the buyer to accept the cancellation as well? What happens if it goes above the delivery date?


Thanks for the response, but Customer Support said this-"I’d like to mention that Fiverr, as a marketplace, has no way to force a buyer to accept an order if they have issues with it. While I do recognize that you have spent time and effort working on this project, sometimes it is not possible to please every buyer.

I would suggest for you to explain to the buyer exactly what it is that your Gig includes and what is that you have delivered. Also, I would suggest you draw up a list for the buyer, showing that your work has been fully completed in accordance with their initial work requirements and that you even provided revisions to your delivered work."

-I haven’t even started the work as I have no intention to work on this (This was mentioned in the support ticket) If they won’t even read the ticket, I’m not sure how I’d be able to get them to cancel it :confused:

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mistakes happen , you can explain again in a much easier way , just ask them to cancel the order without affecting your account because the buyer is asking for something that it’s not included in that package … as simple as that


One of my friends had similar issues and support team didn’t help him and gave him a warning instead,
And in about 13 days after his conversation he again asked for the status of his request, this time a different guy responded and removed his warning in minutes,
It is mostly about the person you get assigned to, ‘how serious or casual they are about your request and how briefly they want to read your messages and help you with it’

My friend always suggests if a support person isn’t serious about your ticket mark it as solved, and give them an honest feedback(you know what I mean) when you get the feedback mail.

and start with a new ticket and be more precise with all the evidences and use the details which will catch support team’s attention.


I’ll suggest , write a detailed message to your buyer on why you can’t work on this, His agreement is important so do not choose any options which he won’t feel good about during cancelation.

and yes impressions fall down after cancelation, doesn’t matter if you did it or buyer did, Can’t help with that.


A buyer-requested cancellation can have a negative impact on a seller’s business.

My interpretation is that a seller cancellation order doesn’t affect the algorithm (which is why you should be taking the action).

Tell the customer support, they are also people… whether they are helpful or not, they are dealing with many people in front of a boring computer. I am sure you also sent “copy and paste” offers sometimes to buyer request (guilty 80% of the time, because the request is quite generic)… They are probably doing the same.

Tell them that the buyer initiated the order, ask to contact you outside of Fiverr (a violation of Fiverr policy)… and have the CS cancel the order for you.


So your stats will suffer.

But only for a little while.

Moaning about this Buyer and not doing anything about it will last longer.

It’s real simple.

You got yourself into this by not cancelling when you should have.

I’d still cancel.

Consider this a lesson and concentrate on those good Buyers that are out there.

Good luck.


Don’t cancel yourself. Have the CS cancel it on your behalf.

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They cancelled it. Thanks for all the help and support. Very grateful!


I mailed them, but the support person responded and cancelled it. Thanks for all the help! Highly appreciated!


Got it cancelled by them. Thanks a lot for all the advice, help and support. Very grateful!


Not true, I’ve had this problem SO many times, Fiverr do nothing to support the creatives on this site, I’ve emailed them and if I’m lucky enough to get a reply before the situation has already played out, it’s usually a ‘we can’t help you’ of ‘just try harder!’.

Unfortunately the creatives on Fiverr are negatively impacted by bad clients of Fiverr, it’s not fair, but all you can do is bounce back.

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