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Need help on change of email address....where is customer support?

i recently changed my email address because my old one has been inaccessible and seems hacked. so, i have to change it here and the one that is linked with my paypal address. all i’m asking from CS is to link this new email address to my paypal withdrawal address. it seems they are sending the instructions to my old email address (which is inaccessible). Why can’t they just automatically link my new email address to my paypal email address here in fiverr once i change it? we, the users are the ones who decide if we need to change it, they will have to just link it. Is it that hard for them? I stopped withdrawing revenues until this issue is resolved but how long will i have to wait?? this sometimes makes me think negative things about fiverr CS. i hope i’m wrong.

how can something so good can be so bad? ANSWER: CUSTOMER SUPPORT

seems you are right.

I am having the same problem except with my email address, not the onelinked to my paypal address.

seems their customer support is on a permanent vacation

even when you try to submit a ticket it goes to the old address which is inaccessible–really brilliant on their part!

Send an email directly to and explain.