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Need help on client dispute

Hello everyone!

I have a client who asked me for a custom order. I have delivered this, and delivered a few revisions as well. But now, he still have revisions, and it seems that he is about to cancel this order because he is not satisfied.

Will he be able to cancel, even after he’s already acquired my first deliveries?


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Have you delivered to the scope of the original order? Are the revisions all a part of the scope?


At first I gave him like two mock ups, and then when we started on the custom order, I delivered my final take on his request right away. Then came the revisions, which I have delivered as well. I’m assuming he has them already, since he was able to give feedbacks.

The one revision he wants is not part of the custom order, which is for me to play PIANO, when the order is for playing GUITARS.

I went ahead and did it anyway, thinking it was a nice gesture on my part. But he didn’t like it, and now we’re in a bit of a quarrel .

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Your order was to play a guitar and you did it, Now you played piano as a nice gesture and that was not a part of original order and he don’t like piano part so you are at no fault !

You may ask for an extra for more revision if you already provided promised revisions !

If he is asking for a revision that is not too much of work, better you deliver it and mutually solve this,
but in case you are not comfortable with revision because it was never in original order scope, Explain thing to him and be ready with to reach to fiverr CS with all evidences like order Id and conversation screens shots if it does not reach to mutual agreement !

If order is not of big amount and you have no recent cancelled order you can simply cancel it and focus on future order !

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Hello everyone, here’s an update on this issue. And I really need help.

I have delivered a revision. He has sent me a sample of what he wanted, and apparently it is not what he ordered! The sample he sent was a full production of a Lo-Fi track. Meaning to say it requires me to play piano, bass, drums, and mix and master his entire song. This is sooo far from what he ordered. But for the sake of it, I did it anyway. And told him that that was going to be my last delivery since it’s not what he ordered.

He has now opened a dispute to cancel the order. This will automatically cancel after 2 days. I know he already downloaded my final delivery, and now he has canceled and I won’t get payment for all the work I’ve done for him.

What should I do?


You’ve been bending over backwards trying to appease this buyer, going above and beyond the original scope of the order and it’s price.

Telling him that this was going to be your last delivery likely triggered him to try to harm you as much as possible, and that means by either getting away with your work for free, or by leaving a terrible review out of spite if the order completes.

You need to make the decision, is the money for the order more important, or is avoiding a bad review? This almost assuredly won’t end well, either way.

When he started demanding you playing instruments that were not part of the original custom order, you should have held firm at that time and said, “No, that’s not what was agreed upon when the order was created and accepted. If you would like for me to perform additional work, it will require additional pay.”

It’s gone so far along that he seems entitled for you to produce an entire song…


You think I would still be able to leave a review if I accept his cancel request?
Because I’d like people to know this scheme he’s doing. Because apparently, another seller had the same experience with him. And I wanted to leave a review so sellers would know before taking any orders from him.

Being able to leave a review means the order must complete and you yourself almost assuredly receiving a terrible review from the buyer.

Cancelled orders cannot receive reviews.

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