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Need help on CS:GO?

Is CS:GO being tough and you just can’t seem to improve without a P90? Well, good news, I’m here with my 4 years of experience to teach you all about this game! Come on by and get ready to start blowing minds, quite literally, with your 1-taps.

Oh, thank you so much. I wanted to tell you about my server problems. These eternal problems with servers are of course a hassle. Not only on different sites, but also in games. Perhaps this is an eternal problem for everyone. You sit there, you play in a ranked game and bam! It throws you out for no reason while you, by the way were playing the ranked game with Csgo ranks. And everything goes down the drain. I remember I once bought csgo skins there and, in general, the whole game flew, the money was taken from me, but I never got the skin … So I burned out then… I just wanted to give myself a damn birthday present. That was a heck of an unlucky birthday;]