Need help on finding the right website builder


I am looking to have a website built for me. It is my first and needs to be a storefront. I want a turnkey website but not sure about what format and why, ease of use as I am not a tech guy and what things I need/want in a website. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


There are plenty of options:
Current popular platforms are:
Shopify, Wix, Weebly, to name a few.

You can google search these to find further information.

Then you can either search Fiverr for a relevant seller to build your website, or submit a “Request” with your details, budget, turn around time and have sellers reply to that.

Good Luck! :thumbsup:


Thanks. What platforms will be easiest for the end user to operate without much tech experience?


Any of the above 3 mentioned I have found users saying are quite simple to operate in my experience.

  • Shopify is currently leading in e-commerce setup made easy. (this has monthly subscription fee)
  • Wix for free websites with ecommerce options (for e.g shopify purchasing options via a plugin for a lower monthly cost)
  • Weebly for free websites (this has monthly fee for ecommerce)


My two suggestions are Shopify and SquareSpace

Shopify is amazing as its fairly simple to operate, but extremely robust in its functions. Its highly customization and very flexible.

SquareSpace is not nearly as feature-filled as Shopify, but it is INCREDIBLY user friendly, and the support staff are very good. It is also superb for regular info websites.

PS: I personally don’t like Wix because of the way the site-builder works (user friendly but un-optimized for mobile and slow). As for Weebly I have not interacted with it in a while, and while it used to be a bit unsavory for me as a developer, It looks like it has matured quite a bit. Two popular options though that aren’t bad if you put in the time, and both are flexible options.


Thanks for the feedback. Now to find the right person for the job.