Need help on my gig delivering


i have an order in my gig and i can’t do the work. its a youtube comment likes anyone that can help should help me please. just 500-600 comment likes


If you can’t deliver an order, you need to cancel it - you can do this through the resolution centre.

In the future, it might be a good idea not to offer gigs you can’t complete.


okay, but the person trusted me


You should have been able to deliver what you promised in your gig description - what’s the point of offering a service you can’t fulfill?


in my gig i put am going to give you 300 youtube video likes.

after he order for it it said the likes is for the comment


which i can’t do.alone


Sorry, but tough - how did you plan to deliver all these views etc. (which BTW are against YouTube’s ToS, and Fiverr are deleting similar gigs)? Do you really expect us all to run over to YouTube and make comments for you?

You need to cancel the order, and pause or delete the gig until you can find a way of delivering what you promised.


i think this what i gonna do thanks for the tips


I need help too! I only need 7 x 300-word articles about why people shouldn’t eat cat food. THANKS! The buyer has really trusted me so please send these to me asap!

I can’t believe what I just read.


can I send you a few tins of whiskas instead.


Cancel the order through the resolution center.


Here is one to start you off. I spun it and inserted the keywords “cat food” and “people” with KW density of 2% as per your request.

Nearly ten years had passed since the People had woken up to find their nephew on the front step, but Privet Drive had hardly changed at all. The sun rose on the same tidy front gardens and lit up the brass number four on the People’s front door; it crept into their living room, which was almost exactly the same as it had been on the night when People had seen that fateful news report about the owls. Only the photographs on the mantelpiece really showed how much time had passed. Ten years ago, there had been lots of pictures of what looked like a large pink beach ball wearing different-colored bonnets - but People was no longer a baby, and now the photographs showed a large blond boy riding his first bicycle, on a carousel at the fair, playing a computer game with his father, being hugged and kissed by his mother. The room held no sign at all that another boy lived in the house, too.

Yet Cat food was still there, asleep at the moment, but not for long. His Aunt Petunia was awake and it was her shrill voice that made the first noise of the day.

“Up! Get up! Now!”

Cat food woke with a start. His aunt rapped on the door again.

“Up!” she screeched. Cat food walking toward the kitchen and then the sound of the frying pan being put on the stove. He rolled onto his back and tried to remember the dream he had been having. It had been a good one. There had been a flying motorcycle in it. He had a funny feeling he’d had the same dream before.

His aunt was back outside the door.

“Are you up yet?” she demanded.

“Nearly,” said Cat food.

“Well, get a move on, I want you to look after the bacon. And don’t you dare let it burn, I want everything perfect on people’s birthday.”

Cat food groaned.

“What did you say?” people snapped through the door.

“Nothing, nothing . . .”


As @offlinehelpers said, that’s forbidden by YouTube’s Terms of Service, and therefore Fiverr’s ToS doesn’t allow it, either. Fiverr could delete your gig (or your entire account, if you keep offering forbidden services).


Is it ok If I use this?


Have to ask Andy, I gave it to him as a JK cos that’s how I am rowling these days


It would be better, if you cancel the order.


It’s amazing the kind of things one reads on the forums.


I’m sensing that you might have a pun in the oven, Eoin.

@ssj1236 AKA Jim. Yes, you can have it. However, if you would like a signed first edition, I’m afraid that I will have to charge $5 + pp.


For the last time, the name is not JIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!
Do I get commercial rights as well?