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Need help on my gigs

hello. I’m new to fiver.
I’ve created a gig on mobile ui design and prototyping . but i got no buyer request on my profile. also i don’t know how to get client on fiverr. its so different from upwork. how do i get buyer and client?


Please make some more gig in different categories.
Also check your gig is active.
Do some marketing in social media.


Thank you @codermoyej . but making gigs in some other categories will really help?

May be right now your gig keywords don’t match with buyer requirements keywords.
When you have more gigs then you get more options to get buyer request.
How many days you open your gig?

I’ve created my gig about 2 days ago. Actually i’m a android developer but for some reason i can’t do the heavy project for some days. that’s why i need to focus on design now

First of all, you have to keep patience. It’s 2 days you created your gig. Maintain your gig rank and your lucky order will come to you. For the first time, it’s sort of luck to get first job. And one more thing, there is an option in your dashboard>more>buyer request. You won’t find buyer request every time you check them. Send as much as you can send buyer request to get your first job. Good luck.

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