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Need help pleaaaase ! buyer want to cancel and extra work

hi guys,

this is the first time it happened to me in fiverr

a buyer asked for a logo , after i did it and he was happy i asked him if i could deliver the order , he said “yes of course” , until now he is very kind

a day after (today) he declined the delivry and asked for extra work (many logos to redesign) and i told him to put another order because this is too much job he said yes and to mark the first one as completed, he put another order (he didn’t put any informations about what to do) and still didn’t mark the 1st one as completed, few minutes after he want to cancel the both orders and he said that i didn’t do what he said (the extra work).

i am ready to cancel the 2nd one if it doesn’t affect me (negative rating) , but i won’t do that with the 2nd because he wants to steal my work)

what to do in this case please ?

UP ! please help me

no one to help !!! :frowning: