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Need help please about I order


One of my buyer is talking to me very rudely. I have completed his requirements but he has added extra works. I want to cancel this order now. I have cried because of him so many times. I just want to cancel the order whether my rating goes wrong or fiverr cancel my account. i want moderator support please help me.Now he is asking for extra work but his back end developer has send the wrong API.Please help me. I have become level 1 seller for all my hard work within 3 months.


Not a moderator, but I would not cancel. If the work done so far meets the initial requirements, deliver. And then eventually block the buyer.


does not it affect on my account?


Just ten minutes ago you wrote that it doesn’t matter if your ratings go down but no, blocking a buyer does not affect your stats. Cancellations do.


ok i am considering it


no one will be able to help you except fiverr cs to cancel your order.


@veniceart She doesn’t need to cancel.


ok so he threatened me to solve the additional issue by tomorrow otherwise he will cancel the order. but his backend developer did not send the actual API.I have told him as well but he also consider that but he is still telling me to solve the issue by tomorrow. SO i have set up my mind that i have completed the requirement if he want to cancel it then do so and i have send him the final delivery.


I think that requiring additional work is different from asking to solve an issue. Plus, threatening is not allowed. Only you know the whole picture.


Perfect! I think you should also inform customer support that you had this problem with a buyer and you did the work as your gig said you would and therefore do not want to cancel the order. Send screenshots of him threatening.

If he then uses the cancellation button tell him no! You did the job. You should get paid.


Visit the resolution center. Look on the right side of your browser. That is how you cancel.

You can contact customer service, you can click “report” and report a buyer if he’s using abusive language.

If you do cancel, make sure you block him so he can never order from you again.


I still have a feeling that she will cancel the order and wouldn’t even contact customer support.

For some reason new sellers are so afraid of support team when they actually can help you resolve the issue and block abusive buyers.

But now it all depends on her and her actions to stand her ground and fight for herself :woman_shrugging: