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Need Help please I am new here

How can I get more order here?
will you please check my gigs is this right way? All of them is professional, can I get order in this gig?
if not perfect all will you please suggest?
Thanks all :slight_smile:

not give up .

why ?

dude because you take some time this place . you easy earn.

I have created my gig related to html,seo 2 weeks back,But still I didn’t get any projects.Is there any area to be improved particularly?I am looking for some good tips.can anyone help me??

please help me how can take order

Please don’t rash you will get wait and see

I have seen you still did now create gig.
how will you get order?

I’m new too and I try to offer request from buyer. Still no sign for any order.

Promote your gigs on facebook,twitter etc.
Send buyer requests daily.
edit your tags on gigs.
Create new gigs.

Thanks :slight_smile:
will you please check my gigs?
is there possible to get more order?

Jesus Christ. Think about this: you can’t even be bothered to do the suggestions that everyone is giving you here. Why should anyone further help you to improve your gig? It would mislead future buyers into thinking that you actually have any kind of gumption or work ethic.

No, I’m not going to check your gig. I’m not going to offer you advice. Go and make your own business work instead of whatever you think this is, because all I see is begging.

You just started and already have two reviews. That is normal. Usually it can be a slow start here and takes time. Your gigs look ok to me.
Take your own advice:
Please don’t rash you will get wait and see