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Need Help Please ,My client wants to cancel the order, He did not submitted requirements yet

Hi everyone
It’s been more than a month but the client did not provide the complete requirements to start the order.
I reminded him of the requirements on June 25, 2020. He replied after 5 days that he is still collecting information.
He again provided the information on July 18, 2020, but the information was incomplete, I asked him to provide the information instantly, and he just vanished and came back July 22, 2020, and leave the message "PLEASE CANCEL THIS REQUEST. THANK YOU "

I have contacted to support and submitted the Ticket regarding this issue 7 days ago and did not receive any response. and ticket is automatically made as resolved.

I agree to cancel the order because it makes sense that he doesn’t need the design anymore. I am worried about if this order cancellation will affect my order completion ratio, Please give me the best solution, so my order completion ratio should not be affected.

Note: 1- Order is not started yet, only placed an order without submitting the information.
2- I never canceled any order before this, i am level 2 seller.

Thank you very much


If the order hasn’t started, then you might have to take the cancellation hit. It will affect your account, but only for 2 months.

You can try to contact CS and request that they cancel the order without affecting your stats, but it’s not guaranteed to work.

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Yes i have contacted them but did not get any response , Today I have again submitted a new ticket.

1 year ago i faced same issue, buyer placed an order mistakenly but did not submitted the requirements , he contacted to support and order was canceled from their end , my account was not affected at that time.

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If you’ve submitted a new ticked, then all you can do is wait. These days CS is overworked and taking upwards of ten days to get to new tickets.

I faced similar issue as yours. I seeked help of Resolution Centre, but my ticket was automatically made as resolved. Since it was my second order, cancellation affected badly and Order completion rate became 50%.
But don’t worry, hope for the best. While you get enough orders completion rate will increase automatically.
It will be good, if this case is resolved by Resolution centre so that Newsellers like me don’t get affected by this.

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Sorry to hear this , I am waiting for the CS response .

Don’t worry miss. Don’t be upset because of this little thing. This kind of thing is side hustle and you should be prepared to face them and be positive.

Thank you for the Motivation :blush:

Contact CS again and request that they not change your completion percentage. Since this customer was mostly unresponsive, they will likely fix your completion percentage if it changes after cancelling.

Hi there,

I don’t think it will affect your order chance.
Once i got same situation which buyer decide to cancel order as they can’t provide enough material. From 100% order completion to 98%…
But i don’t notice any difference with incoming order.
Personally, i think 5 star rate much much important to us as seller.


Thank you very much for your suggestion, I will do this.

Yes this is confusing , sometimes they affect our account and sometimes did not works.

Yes 5 star is important but with cancellation of order, there is a chance that gigs go down. I am in a good position now, getting orders on daily basis, just trying to avoid deranking of gigs.