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Need Help Possible Scam

So, briefly, the seller is supposed to deliver an application. The amount is around 15k. I payed an initial amount to start the project for 5k. All is okay. Then once the UI or initial design of app is done the other 5k shall be payed. Ok so far. But then the seller tells me that i need to fund/buy/send the other 5k once 75% of the application is done. I was taken a back. I told him that i will only send/buy/fund the rest of 5k once all the app is done and over.

He told me that once i fund the rest of the amount, it eont be in their account because fiverr still has it. Once they finished the application, they will confirm the order and i can accept it as delivered. If they dont deliver it, i can cancle it. But however, if i want to cancel/refund my purchase, i need to “ask the seller” to cancel/refund my buy or order. How shall i proceed? I dont want to get scammed because i spent 10k already and 3 months so far… shall i tell them i will only buy/send the rest once all and everything is done not just 75%

Thanks in advance


Well, damn, 15 grand for an app is a lot. Is it a normal order or a milestone order, since the price cap is usually 10 thousand?

I’m suspecting something is wrong because single orders aren’t supposed to last 3 months, since up to before March, they could only last 30 days… please tell me you didn’t pay the seller directly through PayPal or anything similar.


Nah dont worry. All payments are through fiverr. Thats why he’s telling me to pay when 75% of app is done because fiverr will have the funds. We made like 3 order of 5k as “milestones”. The app is quite difficult to make and when i asked different sources this was among the cheapest. One company asked 80k… I dont now. All their reviews give it a 4-5 star. But idk if its possible to fake it.

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Ok, ok, that’s already more reassuring. Milestones changed recently so they should already get their initial 10k shortly, although I don’t know if the effect is retroactive.

This said, the seller should complete the app, deliver it to you, and you should accept it, thus finally transferring the amount you put forward when you made the milestone order months ago. Since your 3rd order of 5k is already prepared, they should be transferred to them 14 days after (like any other purchase on Fiverr, that’s the window) completion. Unless they have to publish the app themselves to stores, this should technically be the way, someone with more app development experience than me could answer this better.

Honestly, I would politely tell them that I’m uncomfortable with paying the remaining amount without seeing the app 100% complete right now.

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Really the seller isn’t supposed to start working on the 3rd milestone until you order the 3rd milestone (not do 100% of the work that’s in a milestone before you order it).

If you wanted you could see if the seller can make the final part split into more orders/milestones eg. create a new set of milestones and have them described in the way you want.


Its fair enough because fiverr has your back, and as you said that App is too difficult to design and this is the cheapest one, and have already give you one milestone delivery so shouldn’t be worry its just my suggestion all is up to you but, they are right fiverr wont release the payment until you accept it.