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Need help quick, weird situation

Hello everyone,

I just got a message from a customer that wanted a video to get edited for YouTube. The videos are a DIY videos. But there is a little problem, which turned out to be weird. He asked if i had a sample of what i offer and I said not at the moment. And then the customer asked me to make a sample to understand better. I was fine with that, But then he sends me 20 GIGABYTES worth of videos. Yes 20GB. And It was divided in parts 1 till 6 and he says If I can make a sample out of the 20 GB videos. Really… I’ve never had a customer like this before. I think it’s just asking for free work. What should I do? Refuse? He also says that there are total of 25 parts. Which i think is 100 gb worth of videos Like is this man joking?

Weird but hope to get some response

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Does he have good ratings? If not, gently, run away, or just make a small sample, not all he ask.


Yes this are the only two reviews. Not only that, he sended me torrents where the 20gb videos are. And i can’t download them, he said that the seeds are working correctly. I as a seller always treat customers like a king but now I just want to run away.

That’s weird dude, should ask for a much smaller sample, or kindly run away.

you seriously wrote this my friend ? do you think its good idea ?


I treat my customers as kings. But I just never had this before. And this has nothing to do with indians or pakisans etc. And if i can’t download anything im just stuck in an awkward situation.

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I would rather offer him some other small video that he can not use or you want him to show, not to work on the one he shared…yes 20GB is big…so try creating one small demo you want and share him telling this is the quality of your service !

Sorry, but have you read my reply?

Am I suppose to answer this?
yes I did…but I am suggesting you something else so you can show your art quality to your customer…

Hello again,

As a seller, this is brain melting and risky to say, but I don’t think I can help you any further. If I can’t do anything with the files, I’ve been trying for almost half an hour and It just made this situation unprofessional. I think I should apologize but I am a human too. An unfortunate end but I hope you find another editor. Have a nice day

I won’t respond

Kind Regards,
Dilan Delewi

Sorry sir, you are right, we shouldn’t, regards.

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This person is not your customer until they have an active order with you. If they’re asking for a free sample to “understand better”, they are not going to pay you.

I don’t understand how are you selling gigs without having any samples of your work to showcase. Your montage gig does indeed have zero samples. The reason you were chosen over someone with an actual portfolio is that this person is using it to try and scam you.


The situation is cleared now.

But thanks for your reply.

Just out of interest, are you going to make this person a sample for free?

No, and even If i did i could not do anything with the video files.

Refuse. Buyers like this never pay.

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That’s good.

You should add samples to your montage gig, though. Then you can refer “buyers” like this to your gig page where they can get a sense of what they’ll be buying.

Alright, I’ll work on it.

Thanks everyone for the replies. As a new seller I have learned a lesson.

What? This is a very bad response. I turn down clients all the time. The customer is definitely not always right. Heck, in my experience they tend to me mostly wrong lol. You have a strange mindset for a freelancer.