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Need help regarding buyer's response

Currently, I am working with a buyer. She put the order on revision, and when I submitted the revised work, she put it again on revision. Now the order is showing as LATE.
It looks like, can I cancel the order? And If I send the cancellation request, can she rate be after cancelling it (as the order is now running late)
I don’t want to say bad words for the clients, but this is my first pathetic experience. Please guide asap.

If you have Delivered using the official Delivery Box and the job is now in Revision, it is not considered Late (even tho it says it is is - one of many bugs).

Have reasons for this second Revision request been given?
Are these fair requests given the nature of the job overall and the expectations given to the buyer on hiring you? You may need to be brutally honest on this.

Is the buyer simply looking for a way to get the work for free - as seems to happen a bit in Web?

If you Cancel the job and the client accepts, there is no ability to Review. Understand that you will lose some status as a result of cancelling. You will not be paid.

If you make the client accept the job they will have to pay you and can review you. You can provide a public response to their review (with care) that can show any reasonable person that the client was not a good one. The client may still find ways to cancel or withdraw payment.

You can talk with CS and they will probably tell you to work it out with your customer. Unless they can clearly see that one side has treated the other poorly, then they may Cancel the job for you. Again no money or ability to review.

If it looks like holding them will do more damage to you than letting them go then probably best to talk to CS and show them how you do not believe that the customer is ever going to be happy or reasonable. OR that you took a job where you were not able to deliver the right outcomes.

Either way, get it gone.



Thank you so much for guiding me. Actually, this is first first experience when I used this forum. So thanks again, for your quick reply.

I provide seo services. I completed the work. Also, I mentioned my client that seo is not an immediate process in start of our conversation. And then agreed and accepted my offer.
And now when I submitted the order, here question was: where is the traffic? when I search for a KW, my site is not appearing etc etc
Clearly a pathetic minded person. Also, she come online only 1 minute a day. Just put the order on revision, and a message (as mentioned above)
Also, I don’t need money on the cost of a bad review. So, I have send her cancellation request.

Annoying, and part of why I don’t offer work in Web as too many are so clueless they think that if they pay you $5 for SEO they will be bigger than Coke, wearing Nikes, listening to Drake on Spotifry in ten minutes - without even hitting F5 on their browser.

All you can do is make it a lot clearer in your Gig, FAQ and Requirements Form that this is not magic and it takes a while for things to flow through. Nor are results guarantee-able seeing Google is a bot with changing rules and not under your control. Cancellations and revisions cannot be entered into based on anticipated results not arriving. Bla, bla, bla.


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Yes, that’s a great idea.
But my gig is in trends. If I will edit it, will it hurt its trends? or not?
Because I can’t bear the downwards these days.

Editing a Gig can take it out of Search for a day but it has no negative impact of overall searchability.
Fiverr’s Algo is not going be be significantly different from Google.
You should know that, being SEO and all.


Don’t worry about the ‘LATE’ sign. If you have offered revisions, that is how it will look. It won’t affect your rating at all.

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send him a request to extend the time and explain the situation. that way your gig will not be affected :wink:

There is no need to do that! Revisions are usefully only asked for once the sellers as delivered the order. This delivery is usually on the last day of the order.

That is how revisions work. A buyer gets the delivery, but finds mistakes or is not 100%. You have offered a revision, so they select ‘revision’.

The seller receives the message, but on the order will be the sign ‘LATE’. It will always look like this, in affect you are not late, but it is the way the system works. You can keep that revision open for as long as you like, a week or 2.

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I got it. Thank you so much guys for guiding me.