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Need help regarding changing gig's info and buyer requests

Hi guys,
As you all can see I’m quite new on Fiverr. I have got a few questions. I’d like if I can get an expert to answer these questions.

1: One of my gig’s is doing good, I’ve got around 3K impressions with 3 orders. I want to change my gig package’s description. Is that okay if I do so? It’s really important because I haven’t mentioned about any complex work in there, I wanna offer complex work on my premium package.

2: How do you bid on buyer requests? I’m trying my best but I didn’t get much response yet. 2 orders for 50+ requests. Can you guys share any tips and tricks regarding that? Maybe a sample offer?

I’d really appreciate any help.


This may be helpful to you:

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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God. I need help in editing part…