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Need Help regarding Fiverr logo maker Feature

I have made a sale in Fiverr logo maker and the customer opted for the editing option in it.

I did the required changes and sent to the customer in Fiverr logo maker.

Now the customer says how can he/she get the transparent file in high resolution?

Can I send the file in the message box as it is showing on the order page/

will the order get automatically complete or the customer need to accept the delivery like a regular order. ( Customer was able to ask for modification)

Not sure how it work


You’re not likely to find many people on the forums who know how it worked either.

“Fiverr Logo Maker” has a whole section in the

Is this part of the package/order? If they didn’t pay for the transparency, I think you can add on the charge as a gig extra.

LogoMaker orders are automatically generating all files for your client after it marked completed.
You don’t need to upload anything apart from an icon/colours/text etc that you changed.

Yes, it does and it was like that in previous sales.

but this time the customer opted for the changes option, and I have to re upload the files after making the changes to the design in the logo maker.

customer ask for modification and re send the file as per the request.

Now it is showing in my delivered order. not sure if will get complete automatically after 3 days or not.

yes it part of the package they paid for.

every time there is a sale, it shows the file the customer get in it.

also in the order page it says that the customer will get the Png transparent file

So did she ask for two modifications instead of one?

If it’s in your delivered order then it’s still as I said :point_down:

She might not be able to see the files before the order is completed.

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Yes, She DID.

Now what will happen in this case.

the order is not marked as complete by the customer and it is in the delivered from my side.

will it complete after 3 days, like the normal orders or do I need to get in touch with customer support ( they are taking ages to reply)