Need Help Regarding Inbox


One Seller inboxed me his offer as a buyer. Unfortunately, As I did not contact any buyer, I did not check inbox. In the meantime 6 days gone. as a newbie, I did the mistake 2nd time and replied to him. and my response rate reduced. is there any remady. please suggest.


The only remedy is to reply to all messages within 24 hours from now on. It will take 60 days for your stats to recuperate from not responding in 24 hours. :wink:


You should try to respond to messages almost instantly. A fast response will increase the chances of the buyer proceeding to order your gig. You can cater directly to their needs via a custom offer - this gives you a chance to offer additional extras and make some extra money.

To get your response rate back up, just try to respond quicker to future clients. Install the app on your mobile and reply on your phone. Modify your notification settings with fiverr. This will greatly help you grow as a seller.


Use Fiverr mobile app. And try to reply instantly or within 24 hours.