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Need Help regarding link sharing

Hi, I need a website, when I post buyer request with sample site link, I received this email from the fiverr

“Unfortunately, your Gig request I need a website exactly like this…” did not pass our review due to one (or more) violations of our TOS, for example:
It contains payment information.
It contains contact information (e.g Skype, email, phone no.), or your site/social media URL.
You submitted your request to multiple categories. You should select the most suitable category and subcategory and then submit only one request.
It contains a request for services, which are not allowed on Fiverr (e.g. violation of third party Terms Of Service, Copyrighted materials, licensed software, etc.).
Repeating these violations can result in your account being restricted."

How can I show to seller what type of website I need?