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Need help regarding payment

I need help if anyone can tell me how would I know if the client has paid for my work done? I have recently delivered my first order and the client asked me for a revision and I successfully completed and delivered the order. But my earnings are still showing “Expected Income”. How would I know if the client has paid and when will my earnings starts showing?

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When a client places a order, you’ll get an notification in app/website along with an email. This confirms that client has paid, and you can get started on the project. Once you deliver the work, the client can accept the delivery and the funds will be released to your account. If they don’t accept the delivery, the order will be automatically completed 3 days from the delivery time and funds will be released to you.

In case a clients requests a revision, you have to deliver modified work and the same process starts again. Either they accept the delivery, or it will be automatically completed within 3 days.

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Not quite. The order will auto complete, but then the funds become ‘pending’, which will then take another 14 days to actually clear.

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Thank you for the reply.