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Need Help regarding Stock Images Urgently!

Hello everyone,

I need help! Actually i received a warning on my account regarding stock image. My seller ordered for stock image on banner and when i selected one the buyer need some other image. When i try to deliver the banner with some other image fiverr warns me that i have to deliver the order with the same stock image i have selected. That order ended with less rating.

Now on my other order, i have selected a stock image having background for the banner. Now if i have to apply it on the banner i have to change the color contract and brightness. Now i am worried that will that still violated fiverr terms because the color may change and it may appear as some different image to fiverr from one i have selected. I am really confused how fiverr will recognize that is it the same image which i have selected or i have to use it as it is without any editing?

These type of issues are some of the reasons that i don’t offer the Getty image extra to my buyers. I do offer a free stock photo as an extra or I encourage them to choose their own purchased stock images, but I don’t use Getty. The rules are very strict.

As far as the editing question, you are not supposed to edit Getty images that you buy through Fiverr. Any edits are likely to cause a problem.

Regarding delivery, perhaps you can send buyers screenshots or even partial screenshots of potential images before you actually choose and deliver the one they select. I gave up on the Getty thing after the first try so I don’t recall exactly what I did, but I think I used a partial screenshot to avoid any copyright issues.


Thankyou…I also thought about taking the screenshot and i did that as well… take the screenshot and apply the screenshot image to the banner but i received a Waring. I never offered Getty image to client. The ordered directly without consulting.

You can uncheck Getty stock images as an extra on your gigs. Buyers cannot order it unless you have it listed as an extra.

I don’t think you can deliver a screenshot of a Getty image. You can send a screenshot prior to delivery for approval. Talk to Support for more help.

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