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Need help related to payment withdrawl

Hi guys,

I recently completed my first order and in "earnings " option there are few confusing things for me one is "pending clearance " and other is "available for withdraw ".

when my money will become available for withdraw ?

and what is pending clearance ?

can any one help please .

I always found good suggestions and good support from here.

thanks a lot you guys .


Hello @kokab_hasnain

Pending clearance basically is the amount pending and it will be cleared in 14 days. After 14 days, your amount will be available for Withdrawal.
When the amount is cleared from pending, It will show under “Available for withdrawal” and then you can withdraw it.

I hope that helps.

thank you bro , it is clear now .
I am really great full to you

You are welcome bother :slight_smile:

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There is helpful Help & Support section existing on Fiverr site.

For example

It’s very reliable source of answers to many forum questions.

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thanks dear ,its really help full I have understood every thing

thanks you alot

bro If you feel comfortable I have one more question .

can I buy other gigs with amount in pending clearance .

No. You will need to wait until it has cleared.

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thanks dear for your support

as far i know after completing your order there will be need 12 days fir fund clear

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