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Need help reviewing gigs and increasing rank

Is anyone willing to critique my profile and gigs? I’m trying to see if it’s optimised as much as it can be seeing as I still haven’t received my first order.

Thanks in advance!


It’s very refreshing to read a gig with good grammar! I do think this sentence is a tad clunky, though.

Using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools and techniques such as meta descriptions, keywords, and more, blogging boosts your website’s ranking on google.

‘Using X, blogging boosts rank.’ Shouldn’t it effectively be ‘to’ or ‘in’? At the very least, you’re implying an absolute, when it’s not a guarantee.

Thank you!

I see what you mean and it makes sense, wouldn’t want to mislead anyone. I’ll implement your suggestion.


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Your gig seems to be pretty good.

Are you submitting buyer requests every day?
You can find many tips on how you get them, and how to be professional when submitting one to maximize your chances of getting a job.

To get buyer requests, to to your Fiverr home page and look at the top where you have all your options. Click on more, then buyer requests.

Buyer requests are a very good way to start on Fiverr and get your first few jobs.

Since you are a new seller, you will not get all the buyer requests, so if it says there aren’t any, check back in an hour or two. Checking them 3-5 times a day is a good idea.

You can research buyer requests on the Fiverr Forum here and find out many topics about it.

Your gig seems to be fine, I would just take the tips I wrote above and never give up!

Hope this helps!

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Hey, thanks!

Yeah I’ve seen buyer requests mentioned before, but the thing is I’ve been checking every day for weeks and there doesn’t seem to be anything there. I’m not sure if it’s because of the category I’m selling in or something?

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When you made your gig, what category did you put it in? That is unusual. I have not heard of this happening before.

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Writing and translation. I thought it weird too. Buyer requests seem to be the first thing people advise new sellers to use but I haven’t seen a thing on there.

Does writing and translation have to do what you do?
You write blog posts.

You could put your category as other, and then put in what you think represents what you do.

How often do you check? Once a day will likely miss them. From what’s been observed, Fiverr tends to release them in batches, and it can vary depending on time zone and location.

These are best suggestions try to implement them.

this is also best suggestion

Yes, exactly. You HAVE to check more than once a day, especially when you are a new seller.