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Need Help "Select a gig that matches the buyer's request:"

IS it possible to change the gig in the popup when I click on “Send Offer” button in “buyer request”?

Sometimes gig which automatically comes with popup is the not the best match to the buyer request…

For example: when a buyer requests for “I need a professional business card using my Company logo”. My “logo creation” gig will appear in the send offer popup. Is it possible to change that to my “business card” gig?

If this option is not available in fiverr I really think should be there…

PLease comment your thoughts…

Reply to @renflowergrapx: Yeah…! you may be right…

But having the option to choose the gig will be cool, right…?

Yes there should be option

Seller must have choice to select gig

Reply to @mariyam01: Yeah… So there are no options…? :slight_smile:

Then why the title of that pop-up says: “Select a gig that matches the buyer’s request:”

I thin k that the gigs to offer are the ones related to the category of the REQUEST.

So if i REQUEST a service in design (but i need write services) the buyer can only send gigs that are in this category… Idk if im wrong, but it is the ony explenation that i have -lol