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Need help selecting a category for my gig

I’ve had a couple of customers request that I give writing lessons. I think I’ve finally come up with a way to set up a gig but I don’t see a category that fits what I’m trying to do (and “OTHER” doesn’t do it for me). The gig idea is basically that I’ll teach the buyer to write a 5-paragraph essay. Suggestions for the category I should choose? Thanks in advance.


Hi alwasystypingbr,

I just had a look at the options available, and I would naturally assume that “Writing & Transalation/ Research & Summaries” is where I would look.

You said that you are teaching the client to write short essays, so I think you may get good results from entering into that category.

In addition to that, a good way to test the market is to select a particular category; wait for 7 days and assess the analytical data you receive from Fiverr. Once you know your benchmark for impressions and clicks etc, you can then test out another category, or sub-category and see if you can improve on those analytics.

Best of luck with your Gig! :wink::wink:


Thank you clintfiver1. I will do exactly that. :smile:


I see two possible options. One is “Writing & Translation/ Research & Summaries” as @clintfiver1 suggested, and the other one is “Fun & Lifestyle/Online Lessons”.

I’m not sure it’s still allowed to change the category of the gig once you’ve created it, though.

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Oh I really like the Fun & Lifestyle/Online Lessons one. That is a great suggestion catwriter. Fortunately, I haven’t created the gig yet. I was clearing out some jobs in my dashboard first. Thank you so much! I’m going to use that one.