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Need Help (Some buyer don't pay my work)

I send my offer to buyer request and i get a respond from my buyer, he send me a file image and he want me to remake that image. i has do it but he don’t pay my work.
Anyone in here please help me

You had to wait for the buyer to order first and then start the work. That’s how it works here.

Rookie Mistake! Never ever ever ever deliver work unless the buyer has placed an order otherwise this is exactly what happens! Now, you could contact Fiverr CS but I doubt that they will be able to help you. At least you can learn from this mistake.

Yeah, first get an order, then do the job, then hope they don’t demand a modification or a refund. If the buyer wants a sample, show him something you did in the past. But NEVER do the job without getting paid first.

Always let the buyer order first, Then you should start the work.

thank for all

you should get best

I sometimes give a draft sample, like a rough design, but I always put a watermark over it, and a good one, hard to remove :slight_smile:
that way you can show what would you do as in sketch, not waste to much time and if you are good get hired and charged more then you thought if buyer really likes what you did. But do that only when someone asks for sample and when your portfolio is not enough. You can also build up like blog/portfolio with link to your fiverr profile, and share when buyer asks you to see your work or/and style. It works for design at least.

When I have some buyers that want me to work first and then pay i do the job add a big logo stamp of my name and then give it to them… If they like it they pay me. Otherwise it is difficult to get away with the pic I made for them

i have little buyer make official order and i send my work.but i didnt get payment yet. suggestion?