Need Help SUGGESTIONS Required


Hi there,
How are you guys? I hope you all will be fine. I just wanted to let you know that I have heard many people say that create a gig and within few days you will get order. I have created 5 gigs not receiving single order. I utilize the buyer request’s option but it seems like the buyers aren’t giving away their projects to new sellers. Help me Please,

Thank you,


Is the photo on your profile you?
I see those business cards in other gigs.

Market your gigs on social media.


People make the biggest mistake when offering book covers.

I constantly buy ebook covers and always on the look out for the next talent. You need to segregate the covers into different genres, whatever you specialize in. For example,

  • I will design Romance Cover
  • I will design Sci Fi Cover
  • I will design Dystopian Cover


We writers are very particular about who we hire for everything. We look for sellers who specialize in the same genre as us.

Also, each gig should have at least 3 samples of design you did for that genre. It’s better to have a generic cover you designed than one you downloaded.


Hi miroslavglavic,

Yes, the business cards you see is my creation although the mockup is from internet. Thank you for the suggestion, I am already doing Social Media Sharing but it isn’t working :confused:


why did you use someone else’s mockup?


Hi gina_riley

Thank you so much for replying. I will implement these changes, Once again thank you.


Because it is Royalty Free shared by the author :wink:


and you can use it for commercial purposes?

You shouldn’t put on your portfolio someone else’s work. You are scamming your customers.

Royalty free does not mean you can claim it as your own.


Don’t write your name repeatedly.


I sell designs not mockups Sir, you are not getting it. We give flat 2d designs to buyers not with the mockup. The mockup is just to showcase our designs.


Thank you for suggestion Aries, you meant my username that I overlayed on Gig Images?


Guys I received order and I completed Buyer was super happy he left me a tip too Achievement for me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yes, not only on images but also in description. I mean, don’t write your name repeatedly.
Best of luck.


Appreciate your suggestion Aries, Thank you :slight_smile:


You may suggest something for my profile to change. I also appreciate suggestions to improve.


Your profile is Great, and glad to know you belong to my country :P. I think the gig images can be improved further you have used the same design over and over and the black with sudden white feels a bit awkward :smiley:


Like in the gig “I will install and setup Wordpress blog” it looks perfect because black and dark grey are harmonial but in “I will write your story script within 24hours” it isn’t good.


You are right…I will make changes again.
Thanks for suggestions.


A few days ago, I modified all these gigs and images…but feel that I am not getting any order since that day. That’s why I asked.
Nice to see you :slight_smile:


Nice to see you too Aries, Have a wondeful day :slight_smile: