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NEED HELP THE ORDER IS STILL ON! Need a Fiverr support guy to solve this thing with this seller

Can someone from customer support please talk sense into this guy? I have ordered from him before and I liked his order. I don’t understand what has happened to him. Maybe he is having a bad day. I do not understand why is this guy keen on spoiling relations with me. I really want to work with him and willing to give him another chance.
The only problem here is miscommunication and misunderstanding!
Please Help.
I tried explaining to him a lot still he doesn’t understand.This is very sad for me.
1-The frag movie has only 6 levels of csgo instead of 8 levels. We had agreed that he would put 8 levels still he has put only 6.
2- The song which I gave him to edit with the video he has taken only a part of it without asking me . I was expecting he would use the whole song and not a part of it. Also even if he takes only a part of the song he should have asked me first. He took the part of the song which did not have the beat drop which is major part of the song and mostly used in general by editors to sync with the frags( frags means kills in game). So i think this is anti-common sense approach. I did not like this.
3- The length of the video (i.e. running time) which was given in order as completed is 1 mins 37 seconds. I think this is not up to the mark as I was expecting 3 mins running time or close to it because in his gig, the running time he mentioned for premium package is upto 3 mins, and for standard it is 2 mins and for basic it is upto 1 min. So he is giving me standard level package and taking premium level money from me? How is that reasonable.
Even after all of this I told him many times he has done good job on 60-70 percent on the job i just want a little editing as per my satisfaction I just want editing on 30 percent. He says to me I am nitpicking and tells me I should go pursue career as a movie director.
Never , not even ONCE did he say ok maybe ill try to review and edit the order, and on the premium package it says unlimited revision. So what exactly is going on here…

Contact CS with this, you will gain nothing by posting this on the forum. This is a chat room, nothing else.

File report to CS, they will give you your money back and you won’t be able to use what he has made for you.

As in why he refuses to do revision when he says unlimited. People put that in GIG description without thinking. He is probably right to in this situation but he will suffer since he put unlimited.

Get your money back and in future when using Fiverr make sure that you have your vision clearly described in writing and ask the buyer to send you samples during order so you can correct things that you feel are not up top your desire.

If you did not mention you want the whole song to be used, 3 minutes duration, beat drop and etc. then how can he know that? That will be his response to customer service.

Now, go to CS and report and here you will get nothing, just waste time on reading.


ok. Well im not gonna go into how he can know because it will just improve length of this post. In short, I had to use my own sweet tongue and good conscious to get the job done from him. He went from not gonna do to what else can I do for you. Today he submitted the reedited video for me he said he would do in 3 days and he did in 1 day. I am really happy this worked out.and thank you for your re[ply I really appreciate you telling me this. I have already told them the cs about this and now i will also go there and close the ticket there.
Thank you and have a good day :slight_smile: