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Need help to bring my gigs on Fiverr Live search

Hi everyone, I want to draw your concentration. I have created two gigs but unfortunately no any gig is not showing on Fiverr’s Newest arrivals. I have tried to contact with support department. They just replied “Unfortunately this is not a gig our editorial team promotes on Fiverr and due to this it will not appear on our search. However your gig is still active and can be purchased by users visiting your profile page.”

But now I need your help. I want to get my gig on live search. Please check my gig and help me what I need to change, so that my gig will appear on live search. It will be very helpful for me to start with Fiverr and you guys all.

This particular gig won’t be listed in any search. Social media promotions, likes, votes, etc. are not in Fiverr’s editorial focus. You can promote it yourself, but if any buyers don’t like the results, the gig could be banned.

I would suggest looking at successful gigs that are on the first pages of search. Get ideas for what kinds of gigs are supported. Get inspiration from those and try something else.

Thanks a lot for your kind information. But I would like to inform you that I can see some one has created a gig after I have created. His gig is showing on newest arrivals. but why not mine? Actually he is also going to provide the same service I am providing. Please check the screenshot and please suggest me what is the main fact? or is there anything wrong with the title or description or anything else?

I am worried because only I am confused. if another one can sell the same service and their gigs are showing then why not mine?

I just want to make sure and start selling my service.