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Need Help to calculate Rating Formula to get back five star rating

hello All
I am a Level 2 Seller…!

Is there any formula to calculate the overall rating and individual gig rating?

I have 6 positive reviews with 5-star rating but 1 is negative and my current gig rating is 4.4, Can anyone help me to calculate that How many Orders I need to get 5 stars back on this gig?
Or any other suggestions? Should I remove this gig?

The overall rating is 4.9 now.

Thank you so much

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It depends how they round it, but on the 4.4 star gig you have 6 5-star reviews on it and 1 1-star review on it.

With tot 5 star reviews: 39 and tot 1 star reviews: 1, avg rating: 4.9
With tot 5 star reviews: 79 and tot 1 star reviews: 1, avg rating: 4.95

So, assuming all future reviews on it were 5 stars, maybe you’d need 73 more 5 star reviews for it to show as 5 stars average for the gig.

For your overall rating it would be similar - I think just take the average of them all, maybe rounding each rating and the overall rating to 1 dp.

For the overall if there’s a screen that shows the total for each star rating you could use those to calculate the overall average.

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Solve it for x:

(478 + 5x) / (97 + x) = 4.95

Edit: Oh, sorry. I thought it was for the overall rating only, however this kind of calculation is always the same.

To answer your question:

(31 + 5x) / (7 + x) = 4.95


@uk1000 Thank you so much


Very helpful, Thank you so much

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