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Need help to cancel an order without decrease order completion rate

Need help

After sending buyer request to the buyer, the buyer saw it and ordered me without any message. When I sent the buyer’s request, everything was clear and told him how to do it.

Now the order has been dispute, the order was only 16 minutes running. The buyer is asking for a refund now. Buyer says that he made a mistake in order. Buyer is opening ID on new June 18. I tell him that I give you the job but he says he does not want this service.

Now what I do. I hope the help of the senior.

I want a solution my order complete rate without decrease.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to not make the completion rate decrease if the order is cancelled.

Buyer has already said he does not want the service. It’s always annoying when buyers say “they made a mistake in the order”. If you have not done any work regarding his order, then it’s best to just accept that the order has to be cancelled.

Just focus your energy on getting and delivering more orders so you can increase your completion rate.


but It’s not my mistake. its only buyer mistake. so why my order completion rate is decrease for buyer mistake ??


That’s how Fiverr works. We are using the platform so we have to abide by their rules.

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ok thank you for your time.

You are not alone. If you type “order completion rate mistake” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.

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How do I cancel an order after it has been delivered. A buyer sent a custom request for a chart that he needed this morning. I completed the order and deliver it about 2:30 am this morning. He sent me revision message asking for cancellation as he is awaiting someone else to do the order because the chart was not done his google sheet. I could not have done it in his sheet because I did not have permission to edit his document. I requested his permission and I did not get any. so I created a new sheet , and told him when the gig was delivered that he could a edit the document by making a copy of it. He is now telling me hours after I finished the that he could not access the document and due to time constraint he asked some one else to do it. the order was deliver hours before his deadline and had mention that he could not access the document I would resolved the issue in time. I’m really upset because this was my first gig and I’ve been on Fiverr for almost two months. this cancellation is going give me a bad rep and the hours I sat up doing this work was all for nothing.
I don’t know how to cancel the order so can someone please tell me how to do so.

@lorainepage You need to make your own post about this under the category Conversations.

definitely you will suffer a lot…but the best way is to cancel the order as soon as possible …without cancellation there is no way…few days back i have received two orders by mistake from a top buyer .it usually happens …because the top rated buyer have a lots of projects and they often do not care about this and ruined the completion rate of sellers…

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Just go to “Resolution Center” – I believe you can find that on the right side of the page. If not, it’s somewhere in the page.

They may not be aware of the impact it has on sellers if they are buyers only. :wink:

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that rules is very bad for seller.

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