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Need help to cancel an order


Hi everyone
this is my first experience about order cancellation.
The order was about an illustration. The buyer asked for line drawing first before coloring. I sent the line drawing on which the buyer added more things. This continues for 5 or 6 times, leaving only some hours in the order, i sent the last drawing for approval on which the buyer didn’t respond, so to save the order, i painted it and deliver the work on time. On which the buyer asked for revision. Now i was ready to do a revision, i sent an offer for time extension and to my surprise the buyer declined it and the order got late. In panic i contacted the buyer who didnt respond. Then i sent offer for mutual cancellation and also contacted TS to cancel on which TS replied the the order will be cancelled in 2 days automatically. After two days the buyer declined mutual cancellation request.
What should i do now


I think you shouldn’t have canceled nor asked for time extension.
After your first delivery on time, and the second revision made the order marked as late, is a better status than canceling the order, for your own sake.

Nothing, just wait 2 days.
EDIT: Sorry I misunderstood your last point. If the buyer refused a mutual cancellation, contact them, ask them what they want. Let them ask for revisions, provide your revised work, and complete the order.


Let’s see what happened after 2 days…:roll_eyes:


It would’ve been much easier if you would’ve just read the forum for other things too.

After your first delivery it doesn’t matter if the order shows “late”, it still wouldn’t affect your statistics and you and your buyer can take as much time as you want for revisions.

But this “freaking out” and cancelling the order just because of not knowing the system might cause you a bad review if buyer wouldn’t agree on cancellation.
(To be honest I would’ve been also annoyed on the buyer place by such an unprofessional behaviour)

My question is: why would you want to cancel the order? “Late orders” still will affect your stats in the same way as cancellation, so what’s the point?

P.S just a rant: and because of sellers like you fiverr created this horrible system with all orders that cancelled to affect our statistics (even orders placed by mistake or negligence).


thank you so much, i have sent a revision
though the order is three days late now.
best regards


Hi there
Thanks for your feedback, you gave me another perspective. I believe there’s a first time for everything. I needed other seller’s perspective for where i stand wrong and be corrected and also to tackle the situation in a professional way.
And i believe there’s a polite way to guide someone. This attitude of yours is only spreading negativity.


I will tell you to extend the delivery time before give a revision Because as your order is 3 days late the buyer can cancel the order after getting the delivery and left 1 star review …This will be good to tell the buyer for increasing delivery time if he/she needs a revision .