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Need Help To Find Good Writer


Be Careful of some top rated writers on Fiverr who says that they work out of USA!!!

I have gone thru dozens of supposedly USA based writers who have no knowledge of english grammar

and could not make any sense of what they wrote.

I am in need of a good english speaking writer with a little creativity

If you know anyone that can deliver 100 articles a month

please let me know!!!


I think I do alright. I do ask people who say they have 100s of something to place a bulk order. It’s easier to write ten articles at once when you pull the research out. Otherwise, I’d take a monthly staff position. X dollars per month to do all the articles. Be well.

I haven’t found taking one article at a time to be the good way to go for the seller or the buyer.


I consider myself quite able but I am not a top rated seller. However, I am almost at level 2.



I am new to Fiverr, but have been an active professional in the internet marketing industry for over 7 years now. Also, in just a couple of months, I have already almost reached Level 2.

As a full-time freelancer writer, completing over a 100 articles is an easy job for me, and also helps me stay focused as I don’t have to search for clients every other week.

Would be great if you can get me on board your team of writers. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks !!



hello sir, i am a student who is still vibrant in writing and reading, you could give it try, if yo are among the world changers ‘who believe the young shall grow’


@gypsyvapes Hi! I can write a test article for you around 500 words. Please, choose a subject and I will do my best.


i write professional articles


> gypsyvapes. I just had an experience with a supposed USA-based writer but it was clearly evident that English was not their first language. Plagiarism was rampant, grammar was atrocious, as was spelling, grammar and punctuation. To top it off, the article barely made sense!


I think it is always legit to ask for writing samples when hiring a new writer.

I also think that to hire people who are doing really good writing, you may need to expect to pay a little more–I think that 200 words for $5 is what you will often see for quality content writing on Fiverr.


You are correct - what it says on the country doesn’t always mean much. I would advise looking for writers who have excellent English in their titles, profiles and gig description. Look for sellers who have a profile image that looks right and isn’t stock or stolen. Some sellers are realizing that a profile photo of any actress or professional-looking model won’t work. If you know how, doing a reverse image search on the photo can sometimes tell you if they’ve just stolen a picture from a blog or another Fiverr seller.

Don’t buy deals that are “too good to be true.” An entire e-book for $5 or 3000 words for $5 is unlikely to be what you want. Newer sellers will often give more content for less money and can still be good at it, sellers with lots of reviews tend be a bit pricier. You decide what you are willing to risk.

Send the seller a message asking a simple question. If they had help with their profile but are answering messages by themselves, you can often tell from poor English skills or inappropriate use of words or titles. A good message question is to ask if the seller is willing to send you their delivery in 2 formats. Whatever you prefer can be first, like a Word document, but see if they will also send it as a text file. Text files make it harder to disguise an article with encoded data to pass Copyscape. If the seller balks, that may be a red flag.

Reading seller reviews can be helpful. A few reviews may not tell you everything you want to know, but even with just a little it might be worth trying them out for $5. If they have quite a few very good reviews from many different buyers and they are still delivering recently, that is useful information.

Asking for sample work is fine as long as you do it right. A good seller isn’t likely to write on your topic for free just to give you a sample. Look for sellers who have example work on their gig images and uploads. You can also ask if they have sample work elsewhere that you can view, but keep in mind they cannot send you links with personal contact information so if they say no, it doesn’t always mean they aren’t good. They should have some watermarked work they can send you or have the work in gig images or something, though.


+1 to the above.

I keep a list of FAQ’s on each of my gigs - and have samples available upon request. Read through the reviews: the reviews themselves may not be spelled right or have great grammar, but they can give you a good idea of the writer’s quality. If the reviews are generic, I’d be wary. You want to find reviews that actually describe either what the writer did for them or a customer’s level of satisfaction.

Best of luck finding your writer.


i do pretty good with my grammar. you can have a look at my reviews.


I suggest sending a message to the seller. Their response to you can tell you volumes about their ability to communicate in writing. I’ve had much better results from orders when I do that. I write pretty regularly for a few places (here, BlogMutt, TextBroker, private clients) but I definitely couldn’t churn out an extra 100 articles in a month and keep quality levels high. I’m impressed by those who can.


I am shocked at the lack of the most basic grammar among those who are selling writing gigs here.


Reply to @susanthewriter: You are also using a stock photo, the wrong country location, offer “unlimited traffic” in an extra (impossible if real) and you have problems with how to properly capitalize in native English. I would suggest fixing those things and any other problems before doing promotion.


Reply to @fonthaunt: That’s a great point. If they can’t manage to proof their own gig description, they don’t know how to write.


Start with a basic $5 order and see how they do, if they do great, you know you can trust them with more complicated stuff.

For the record, just because someone isn’t from the USA doesn’t mean they don’t speak or write English well. Being a great writer is more than being a native of an English-speaking country. One of the best copywriters I knew was from Brazil, and he wrote in English. It’s also important to know that the guy who can write you a 50-page brochure about diabetes might struggle writing cool radio commercial or a snappy headline.

By the way, you say you need 100 articles a month, I hope you will pay $500 because no talented article writer should do it for less than that.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: I totally agree on the USA comment. It’s one reason it doesn’t matter what is displayed for country. People can fake it, people can be from elsewhere but write English better than I can (for sure) and sometimes style matters a great deal. I would rather correct one or two errors in a highly appealing article than have a bland article with perfect English.

What I hate is that people offer writing gigs who cannot write at all. A discerning buyer has to watch out for fakes and bad writers just like a buyer of art needs to take a good look at the work on display and check it for originality.

Just in case the OP reads this and happens to be blowing a bit of smoke - what you said on price is exactly correct. This reminds me of all the buyers I’ve had who said if the work was amazing they would be buying a LOT of work. They get their product, they say it’s amazing, and then maybe they buy a few more. Most don’t even do that.


Reply to @fonthaunt: Also just because someone IS in the US does not mean that they are proficient in English. There are, sadly, many native speakers who very poor at English.


My favorite writer is David388