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Need help to get my first order


i got my first but still no orders :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy::joy:


If you can list all the things you’ve done to get orders, then we will tell you what else you might try.


nice gig brother. … :slight_smile:


where should I promote my gigs?


Hi Uxreview
I just tried to focus on gig pictures and descriptions that’s it.


Struggling with first orders?

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thanks for this help.


Hi grphicdesign121,

Please notice I am also a new seller with little experience.

What might have helped me to get my first few orders is to show people who I am (at the moment my gig preview video is not active; pending review). I did not ask my buyers about it, so I do not know for sure.

In my honest opinion, to show you as the person you are will make you stand out from the crowd. That means to place your picture and name at your profile. To add a short video of yourself to the gig (maybe as short as 5 seconds like “hi, I am … please have a look at my work samples.”). Anything that will make people recognize you as a real person.

There are plenty of anonymous sellers out there, design studios with employes and so on. One of many possibilities for one-man new sellers is to build relationships with buyers by showing them who you are.

Since I’m struggling with English a bit at the moment, I cannot judge your English skills. But I am aware it is very important to have excellent written English skills. This is what I am working on right now :slight_smile: I downloaded some educational apps and practice every day, step by step. If this is something you are also working on, you may want to start with googling “Writing Business Emails in English Made Easy”.

Wishing you every success with your business,


You should use Grammarly. and you should use google translate for your communication. I do believe that you should do blogging on your skills you are selling on fiverr which will help you to improve your writing skills.


Great hint with the blogging, thanks!


Hi there, Your gigs look great but your English could do with a bit of a polish. I would happily tidy up your profile and make the English better. Message me if you would like me to do this ( it’s a free sample :))
Thanks, rosebarlow


Try to send 10 proposal to buyer when Request every day


Buyer request is one of the best way for getting 1st job


Yes its true simple easy way


Hi There is no buyers request in my profile


ok friends I change my gig according to your suggestion please let me know if you have more suggestions


well i would also like some tips and want to share about the experience.


I haven’t looked at your gigs yet but the English in your profile needs some work.


I am not native English. so its fine if there are some mistakes in grammer. I thing we should be honest with our client


work hard improve your gig