Need help to get orders?


Can any one tell me how to get orders on fiver?


Newbie here!


Yes Bro Can you help me to get orders?


Create gigs that buyers notice in the search results and category page. Deliver top-quality work that is positively reviewed, and shows that you are a great seller. And, most of all, market and promote your gigs wherever your target customers are located.

You obtain sales through hard work. What hard work are you doing to earn sales?


I am doing nothing right now… kindly suggest me what should i do to
promote my gig?


I recommend you start by reading the great advice already shared here on the Fiverr forums. Many people have asked that question, and many others have already provided answers. You have the ability to read this forum and see what has already been suggested to others on the topic of promotion.


Lots of video tutorials, blogs and fiverr made advice to search from in generalized areas. Start with those. Visit areas online dedicated to people with interests in, or in need of, your services.


Thanks for every one. I will really follow your instructions.


What I suggest is to start selling what you are good at. Most of the advertisements about Fiverr are with the text that earn by working on your hobby or something. But, you should have that professionalism to talk to the clients, convince them to hire you and deliver on time. There are many stories about how many people join daily at Fiverr but same number of people are leaving as well as they start selling their hobby and failed.

So, don’t lose courage, just play around. See what other similar GIGs are offering and how do they convince clients. You will start getting orders soon.


I have got your point. Many many thanks for your suggestion.I will never lose my courage and will keep hard working at fiver to get orders. Now my focus is to promote my gig through social media sites and i hope it will work.


First of all, complete your fiverr account with proper document such as describe yourself with proper document, describe your special skill, Education and Certification.

Then create proper gigs for your expertise area. Your gigs will visible in front of buyer end. If the buyer will choose your gigs that time, buyer nock you.


you just sum uo the whole queryazeemsarfraz


Create perfect gig with best description and image.send 10 buyer request daily.response your client asap.and must be always to be honest with ur client.