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Need help to go for next step


i made gig on fiverr , please check it and tell me what is next step to get order because one week has been gone but i didn’t get a single order.
here is my gig
Check it out! williamaadan will design modern, professional and simple logo for $5 on #Fiverr


the logo samples you provided on your gig, did you do them or you “borrowed” them from the internet somewhere?


Kannst du Deutsch? Du hast geschrieben “Humboldt University of Berlin”, aber kein Deutsch als zweite Sprache… seltsam


the designs in my portfolio are made by my brother


your profile picture isn’t you. People have more confidence in buying from those that are honest and real.


thanks , i’ll change it asap


@uncarved I did a reverse image search and nothing came up


why are you using your brother’s work? @williamaadan


we both work together


@uncarved has her own methods :wink:
Seems he doesn’t speak German either… didn’t answer me at all… :disappointed:



The photo seems a little off. Sometimes you look at the gigs offered then the profile photo…something tingles in your head.


That face is Walter Bleckly here:
and Daniel Waltz here:


i know that the profile picture was not mine ,i’ll change it ASAP


So your profile photo is not yours, even though you could of posted a random photo of the ocean or whatever, you chose to lie about your profile photo.

The samples are not your yours and you decided to lie about your samples by uploading your bother’s work.

What else are you not tell the truth about?

It’s all about



i accept that the profile picture was not mine but this account was not only use by me this account also use by my brother so that’s why i use his work


Can anyone please help me what is next step after creating a gig to get orders


when you have a gig of your own items and a profile pic that is of you, then I’d suggest reading over everything in the Academy and Fiverrcast. Then promote it. You may have to wait a few weeks or more to get that first order. Apply to buyers requests that are in your field.
This isn’t a get rick quick scheme and you’ll need to apply yourself.


Thanks for your valuable information :slight_smile:


Can someone look ay mine too? :woman_shrugging: