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Need Help to know how can i get help from Fiverr support


One of my client do not response in time. I have done 2 projects previously and always he did not accept the delivery within time. But this time he is not accepting the delivery and i have delivered what he required. After 2 days from delivery he decline and send me a revision. When I resend the delivery and explain he has been mistaken to open the project then he is not responding at all and not even accepting my delivery. I want to know how can i apply for help in fiverr support.


Click here: Then click on “Contact Us”. From there, you can open a ticket with Fiverr support.


Thank you so much I have submitted my issue


No problem. Good luck!


Your problem is being solved by @ahmwritingco.

A small suggestion for you , remember that “Prevention is better that cure”.
Some times it is really good to avoid such type of buyer.

Happy Freelancing… :grinning: